Is your marketing giving you the leads you need to grow your business? Let me help you tell your story.

I’m Rosemary Blair. I spent a decade in marketing and advertising and over 15 years in Corporate Human Resources. Today I write persuasive copy and content for workplace wellness organizations. If you’re not getting enough leads and sales from your marketing, let’s talk!

As an HR Benefits Manager, I implemented a wellness program in a commodities trading company. I achieved 97% participation after I re-wrote the communications pieces our wellness provider gave me.

Creating effective copy and content can be time consuming and overwhelming—don’t let something you may not have the time or talent for be a distraction in building a profitable business. Let me make your life easier by meshing my copy with your sales and marketing strategy.

Let’s continue the conversation! Please contact me to discuss the next step in how I can help you tell your story and reach your business goals.

How I Tell Stories

Persuasive Direct Response Copywriting

I’ll help you improve your bottom-line results with clear, effective copywriting that generates response and revenue! I’ll deliver copy that will motivate your readers to take the next step and help you build your business.

Compelling Content Creation

With emotionally-appealing, customer-driven content, let me tell your company’s story in a way that will increase engagement with your target audience. Get more “shares,” generate more traffic, improve client retention, and close more sales.